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efsli conference

in cooperation with EFSLI 2012 – conference – Vienna a group of young designers from my university have created 150 unique handmade accessories for the “night of costumes – efsli 20th anniversary ball” at saturday, 15th of september 2012 in palais auersperg. a collection has been crafted out of classic couture materials combined with unconventional details.

here are some pieces i created:

photo credit to: david meran

if you like to see eye-catching headpieces, collars, gloves or spats – either funky or elegant check out our flickr album

take care, mm

ring hirschkaefer

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stag beetle – hirschkäfer

at the beginning of this year i heard in radio that the insect of the year 2012 will be the stag beetle (hirschkaefer – insekt des jahres 2012) . i am always fascinated by insects and so i decided honor this creature with a polymer clay cane. i started in january and it took me a couple of weeks till my cane was done. i always have the problem after building and reducing the cane – and this perfect moment when you cut through the cane the first time – that i reached what i wanted and do not have an urge to work with it any more.

my university studies kept me busy and only last week i started to use my beautiful cane.

here are some pics:

ring hirschkaefer

take care, mm

photo project

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i want to show you my latest photo project.

i asked 6 friends to let me photograph them. they brought an object of their choice, which i placed as a shadow in connection with them.

(if you click on the gallery you can see them bigger.)

i like how it turned out. let me know what you think about it.

take care, mm

p.s.: more photo projects from my school:

This gallery contains 6 photos

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Shoe Be Do with CraftWerk

a few weeks ago i had the chance to make a pair of shoes myself. i took a shoe-making-course with bernadette. she is a gifted and patient teacher – which you need- because it does take a while till the shoes are done ;).

it was a wonderful experience and my shoes are really comfy.

here they are:

shoes made at a course of craftwerk

if you want to make your own pair of shoes, there are courses coming up.

please contact berndette on her website CraftWerk.

take care, mm